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The Flout Shelf  System allows the Flout to be at any elevation. Tall shims are eliminated.

DC4 counter for low drawdown applications

 DWG files as well as PDF files are available. Click the Downloads link.

Rissy Plastics is an originator and manufacturer of products for wastewater management and pre-cast concrete. 

This website is divided into two sections.

The FLOUT Systems section covers Rissy's exclusive Flout®, aka Floating Outlet® dosing and distribution products. It provides information that  specifiers, manufacturers, installers, regulators,  and users need when using this unique system in wastewater management systems. 

The Rissy Products Catalog section presents Rissy's line of molded and fabricated products for the pre-caster of concrete septic systems. This site is THE complete Rissy catalog. All of the available information is right here. You may reproduce this information for your use. If printed information is absolutely necessary, contact us

Nearly 50 years of experience in a family operated precast concrete business is behind all Rissy products.

Rissy is also developing a line of hydroponic and aquaponic equipment.  Small Flouts, "FloutHouse" enclosures for internal and external growbed use, and a miniature Flout Sequencer header tank, using Cuebox technology,  for the simplest multi-bed CHIFT-PIST* ever! *"Constant height in fish tank, pump in sump tank" >learn more...


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