Alternating Siphon replacement


This dual alternating siphon chamber was so out of level it didn't work. The best method of repair was to replace the siphons with dual alternating Flouts.

Notice the standing water line. It is clear that this chamber is severely out of level. The placement of the siphons on opposite ends of this long chamber aggravated the problem.

Re-leveling the chamber to restore siphon operation would be a nightmare! Keeping the old siphons working would be one too! The lid was removed. The old siphons were removed and unused outlets plugged.


New piping was laid up to the new Flout and Alternator location. Piping was sealed into the original vent outlets.


Concrete blocks provide support, leveling, and ballast for the system's components.


Retrofit complete and working. Drainfields now properly dosed.

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