Dose Counter Check list

1. Down load this instruction sheet to help with a counter inspection.

2. The eye of the actuator float must be set to the high water line. If the wire is too long, the float may get tangled. Some extra wire should be left at the eye in case the float needs adjustment.

3. If the actuator float is hanging free without a pipe, it must be clear of turbulance and other equipment.

4. If the actuator float is enclosed in a pipe, the pipe it must be at least 3" in diameter. The pipe should go  to the bottom and be beveled or cut to allow free flow in and out. The pipe MUST have a vent hole above the maximum water line. The pipe must be vertical.

5. The best way to test for count is to fill the chamber with water. With the cover removed, the counter arm should rise all the way up just before the dose starts. If the arm does not lift high enough, lengthen the pull wire.

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