The basic Flout® system

Different applications require different attention. Some of these applications are:

Waste water flows from septic tanks and treatment units: Flout systems require minimal attention. Cleaning the treatment system at reasonable intervals protects the drain field and the Flout. If excessive amounts of solids interrupt Flout function, removal of the solids and flushing out the Flout with a hose will restore function. If this is a reoccurring problem, an effluent filter placed ahead of the Flout chamber will extend time between cleanings and protect the disposal field. 

Storm water flows: Flouts handling storm water should be inspected often. Debris and sediment must be kept in check.

Dairy waste water flows: Flouts are quite common in grass strip disposal systems in dairy operations. Two materials that can interrupt a Flout are butterfat and manure waste. Rapid flow through an undersized settling chamber allow these materials into the Flout. Butter fat prevents the Flout from sinking. A flushing with hot water from a hose usually restores operation. Pass thru milking parlors tend to release a lot of manure. Excessive amounts  can seriously clog up a Flout. The best to way to stop this is to install finer grates in the milking bays to catch more of the manure fines. In line filters also work but require more attention.

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