Dose Counter DC3 and DC4

Counter includes water resistant enclosure and actuator float.

Counter mounts on a  pipe riser.

Float fits through the riser pipe. See instruction download for applications.

Introducing a good old fashioned and reliable way to record Flout cycles or any fill/empty event.

This is a non-electric, gravity powered, never forgetting mechanical counter for keeping track of dosing cycles. The housing is water resistant. A special rubber seal is employed where the stainless steel actuator wire enters. The activator is heavy enough to pull the lever on the counter each time the dosing chamber empties but has enough buoyancy to release the counter on refill. The buoyancy is slightly negative so the pull wire stays taut to prevent tangling.

With a known dose volume, a counter will tell the amount of water used in a system (except for inflow during the dose cycle)

The counter may be mounted inside or outside of the dosing chamber. It fits on a length of 3 or 4 inch sch40 pipe. The activator float may slide within the same pipe or hang freely in the chamber. The pipe may support the counter above ground level or flush to the ground with a lawn box (hand hole)

The counter may be reset, but to prevent tampering, the housing must be opened to do so.

The DC3 counter is recommended for drawdowns over 8” 

The DC4 counter is recommended for 6-8” drawdowns. 

The Low Profile Activator can be installed on a DC3 counter but it will not fit thru a 3” pipe but can b installed from below.

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