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James G. Richard 



Low voltage outdoor lighting is attractive and easily installed. Solar light fixtures have the advantage of easy removal for lawn mowing, storage, and replacement because no wiring is required but the light is minimal and uncontrollable. Wired fixtures are brighter and controllable but not removable because of the required wiring. Lawn care is difficult with wired fixtures.


Light Spikes allow for easy removal and replacement of wired low voltage outdoor light fixtures. Not only is lawn care easier , fixtures are removable for replacement, seasonal storage, or lawn activities!

US Patent 7938565

How it works:

A ground or surface mounted female receptacle accepts a mating male plug attached to the light fixtures. The receptacles are rugged and weather resistant.The hollow body and stake allow for the self clearing of debris. Now the fixtures are removable for lawn mowing, storage, or replacement.

Pull it, mow it, or stow it! Light Spikes make 
outdoor lighting easier to live with!

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