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In the summer of ’09 I was on my deck taking some pictures of stuff for Ebay. The sun was real bright and I wanted flash to minimize shadows. I was checking to see if the flash was working and it went off in my face. The sun was right behind me.  The picture was a keeper, I guess.



My name is Jim Richard. I am the owner of Rissy Plastics, llc and Richard Septic Systems, Inc., located in Torrington, CT. I grew up spending lots of time at my father's plant (which he started in 1946), doing all kinds of things to help. In 1985 , the Richard Septic Tank Co. was incorporated and became Richard Septic Systems, Inc. 

 In 1974, we began making concrete leaching chambers and needed an economical way to make all of the weep hole former plugs. An injection mold was commissioned and our first plastic product was born. More items followed, including pipe seals, septic filters, and the revolutionary Flout®. To identify the plastic line from the concrete product line, Rissy Plastics,llc was founded in 1987. Rissy stands for RIchard Septic SYstems.

I invented the Floating Outlet®, known as the Flout®, in 1992, as a method to dose drainfields, without the complications of bell siphons. The Flout has evolved into a system capable of providing dosing solutions not possible before. 

I have personally developed this web site to inform you of all of my products. Call the listed phone number or e-mail me. You will get a solution to your design requirements, either from an in-stock product, of from a custom made system. If your information requests do not provide adequate results, call me personally at 860-459-9995.



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