Andover Job Number One

Andover, CT August 1992:                                                                                                                 

Inspected  June 17, 2015.  Still dosing after nearly 23 years.


Andover Elementary School volunteered to be the test bed for the First Flout. The old siphon had failed and the effluent was not being distributed properly. As a result effluent was breaking out at the low point of the field. Installation of the Flout was not possible in the old siphon chamber so a new one was provided.

The First Flout was a Multiple Flout. There was an old drain field and a new one of equal size. The Flout splits the flow and drops half of it directly into the distribution box. The other half is piped through the  distribution box directly to the new field.


On a dry June day, 12 years later, this picture shows lush green strips of grass over the field laterals. This is evidence of perfect distribution taking place! The new field is beyond the trees. Upon inspection in 2008, the Flout was still working fine and no evidence of breakout could be found at either field. Plus the school saved tens of thousands of dollars by restoring rather than replacing the fields. SUCCESS! 

Update...  System checked June 25, 2015.  Going on 23 years and still dosing!  Watch it work...

Flout empty

The First Flout as it appeared on June 17, 2015. Still working after nearly 23 years.

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