Q: What is the life expectancy of the Flout flexible connectors? 

A: The original Flout installation is over 22 years old and working fine. Life should easily exceed 25-30 years.

Q: Does a Flout need maintenance.

A: No. However, some waste flows may cause buoyant deposits to collect on the Flout that prevent it from sinking. Agitating or rinsing the Flout will remove them. 

Q: Can the length of a Flout be changed to set a new drawdown.

A: Yes, to a point. As a Flout gets longer, more ballast is needed to sink it. Then more buoyancy is needed to re-float the extra weight. It is always safe to go shorter.  If you need to make a longer Flout, please contact us.

Q: Does Rissy sell direct?

A: Yes! But installation of new or replacement components  in waste treatment systems requires proper knowledge and tools. The end user must consider this before buying direct. In most cases installation is best left to the chamber manufacturer or installation contractor. The additional cost for proper installation, function, and safety is well worth it.

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