Why is a Flout® better?   


  • No part of a Flout extends below outlet or chamber floor. Easily incorporated into a precast concrete chamber. Simpler ‘in the field’  installation. 
  • Uses less vertical drop to achieve  the same dose. Shallower chamber gets same result.
  • Greater variety of drawdowns available. Multiple arrangements increase flow and/or output options.
  • Easy to trouble shoot. All function is visible from the chamber’s inspection opening.
  • Never needs priming so it never looses prime.
  • Can be sequenced in groups of 2 or more. Various drawdowns and flowrates available from same chamber.
  • Unlimited design possibilities with off-the-shelf Flout systems and custom built solutions.

A 3" Flout@ requires 5" less drop as an equivalent Siphon for the same drawdown.

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