Monday, June 11, 2012: 

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Introducing a new invention by 

James G. Richard 

The Center Signal 

US Patent Pending 


When stopped at a traffic light or stop sign with no signal from an on-coming driver...

Do you question that driver's intention?  Is that driver forgetting to signal or really going straight? Do you wish they could tell you that they’re really going straight? Do you wish you could tell them that you’re going straight? 

Not having a way to signal these intentions is worse than not signaling at all!


Not being able to signal a "non-turn" is solved with the "Center Signal Light"


The Center Signal Light (aka non-turn signal) is the way to convey a driver’s intention to not turn during a “stopped at an intersection” situation . It's the way to say, "I’m not forgetting to signal, I'm going straight."

How it works:

Power from the vehicle battery and current from the stop lamp and directional lamp circuits feed a control module. A console with an indicator lamp and switches for “on” and “off” is accessible by the driver. When the “on” switch is pressed, the indicator lamp and the amber center signal light on the front of the vehicle will flash for a 10-15 second cycle. When the brake pedal is pressed before the cycle ends, the cycle will continue. When the brake pedal is released, a new timing cycle begins. If the “on” switch is pressed at any time, a new timing cycle will also begin. The “off” switch will stop the cycle at any time. A regular turn signal always has priority over the CSL. Alternatively, the control functions for the CSL may be programmed into the vehicle’s computer, eliminating the need for the control module. Optionally, the CSL may be displayed on the rear of the vehicle as well.

See it at the 27th. INPEX Show in Pittsburg, PA on June 13-15th, 2012

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